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How to upgrade from Thanks a lot! (2 posts)

  1. wenrui
    Posted 18 years ago #


    I've searched a lot and cannot find ways to upgrade my WPMU Does anyone know it? Currently it has a bug ('Next Page' link on

    Thanks in advance!

  2. jaseone
    Posted 18 years ago #

    I don't think many if any have done that, I didn't even know there was such a version. Does that version still use Smarty for templating? If so the first thing you want to do is implement your theme using the standard WP templating system.

    Then it is basically erase your files, replace them with the new and run the upgrade scripts. However it looks like you are using subdirectories instead of virtual hosts and as TechWench said recently that method is currently completely borked in the nightlies so you may want to just fix that next page link for now.

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