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Installing on a subdomain.WPMU.domain.tld (1 post)

  1. joseph21
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Ok, I've been digging up posts but most of them just not complete, some of the questions were ingnored, then it just make it so hard to search for answers quickly:

    These are the links which can be useful for reading on how to make wpmu work with subdomains:

    BUT, after reading all these I'm still a bit confused, so I have some questions:

    Note: My site will have 1 CMS, 2 WPMU.
    - CMS.domain.tld
    - wpmu1.domain.tld - for English useres - subdirectories
    - wpmu2.domain.tld - for another language users - subdomains

    1. If I use subdomain for newly created blog users then it will create a subdomain in the root directory of my site?
    2. I'm on a shared hosting, I have shared IP address, and when I checked my cpanel I have "Host (% wildcard is allowed):", what should I add on that wildcard to make wpmu work with subdomains?
    3. I've seen posts that enabling wildcards will make "all current subdomains would stop working"??

    Thank you. :)

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  • Started 16 years ago by joseph21