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Re-write not working?? This has gotta be simple!!! (1 post)

  1. barrybell
    Posted 18 years ago #


    I have MU up and running fine. However, I think i have an issue with the rewrite.

    The install isn't a typical install as I don't have wildcard DNS set up on my server. However, I can set up subdomains on my server manually and have them point to the root, which is fine because I want to control who gets a blog (NOT let anyone create one). I can't see how the outcome of doing this should be any different to using wildcard DNS.

    So, right now I have and

    Both of which work fine as I created the blog1 and blog2 subdomains on my server.

    However, I can't access individual entry pages, or category pages, or archive pages, etc, etc, etc. The rewrite just points us back to index.php everytime.

    I can, however, access individual entries using a querystring, for example...

    Now, unless manually creating the subdomains and pointing them to the root has caused some other major issue, i'm sure that fixing this is just going to be a tweak of the rewrite rules.

    But I can't see where.

    Anyone got any ideas?? It's bugging the sh!t out of me!!


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  • Started 18 years ago by barrybell