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Domain with GoDaddy, Shared Hosting with Surpass - Can I get wildcard DNS setup? (5 posts)

  1. helphelp
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Or will I need to transfer the domain to Surpass?

    I don't have a solid grasp of how DNS. I've created a support ticket, but they are pretty useless.

    Any help is greatly appreciated?

  2. Bike
    Posted 16 years ago #

    It doesn't matter where your domain is registered as long as you have access to the DNS servers, which need to be pointed to your host's nameservers. But I assume this is already the case, else your site would not be up.

    If you are on shared hosting and they do not reply to tickets, run away and find a host (VPS recommended) with very good and patient support as you will need it if you want to set up WPMU.
    Good luck

  3. fearlessadvisor
    Posted 16 years ago #

    To set up wildcard domain on Godaddy, login to your account, click on "my domain names" under the Domains button. Click on the domain name you want to setup DNS for. You should now see something toward the middle of the screen that says:

    Total DNS: (Available)
    Total DNS Control and MX Records

    Click on that. Now, under A Host, click edit on the right hand side. Change the host value from @ to *
    This sets up the wildcard DNS. Note: You must have a static IP set up for your hosting for this to work. The "points to value" should be your static IP address. Click "ok'.

    You may wish to add a second A record. Because there is no @, and your Cname @ points to www, the www won't work. Fix this by clicking on "add a new record" under the DNS control panel under the A (host) section. Create this one with the @ for the host. The points to value should be your static IP address.

  4. don3
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Not worked, i put in the root hosting index.html if i use http://www.doiman.xx i can see the index.html but if i use http://www.sub.doiman.xx i revice the error

  5. heyguy
    Posted 16 years ago #

    The A records would be set up by whoever handles your DNS - this is likely your web host as your first ticket would indicate you do not handle your DNS yourself.

    Your web host also needs to set up the wildcard subdomains in the httpd.conf. This is a two second job for any half-baked sysadmin type, so hopefully your host can figure it out.

    If your host a) doesn't know what you are talking about when you bring up wildcard subdomains, and b) is the kind of host that offers 200GB of disk space for $6/mo, I would consider getting a different host for your Mu installation.

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