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  1. mjl
    Posted 17 years ago #

    You may say this is a silly question or I am so dumb but I'll try asking it anyway: Is WPMU the same with I mean in the same way like as if you can live without touching/editing html and php files. And just simply dragging widgets if you wanna add somthing? I am using b2e now on my website and I am having so much trouble understanding how to do it. And early this year, I used for a free blog so it would be good for me if wpmu is almost the same as the free blogging with if it is then I would install wpmu right now.

    Pls help.

  2. lunabyte
    Posted 17 years ago #

    "If you're not comfortable editing PHP code, taking care of a complex web server and database system and being pro-active about following developments of this project then run, don't walk, to and sign yourself and your friends up for free blogs.

    It's easier in the long run and you'll save yourself a lot of pain and angst."

    So are you using b2e, or WP like in your other thread that is pretty much the same topic?

    MU is NOT, it is the framework they built it on.

    It is not a point and click and be done with it. It is server level software that requires advanced knowledge. (See quote from the readme above).

    It is not friendly to shared hosting, and you'll likely be kicked off.

  3. mjl
    Posted 17 years ago #

    I know that mu is not wp. But my question is: if it is alsmost the same? user-friendly and all?

    my other post was "if i am using" with an if on the beginning.

    but anyway, thanks for your reply.

    my last question is: are you telling me to just use coz i cant live with coz its very complicated?

  4. lunabyte
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Pretty much.

  5. peiqinglong
    Posted 17 years ago #

    If you've used WordPress stand alone extensively before, then WPMU isn't too difficult to pick up. It just adds more to the framework. But if you never used WordPress stand alone before and want to jump right in to using WPMU, it's like never riding a bicycle before and going ahead and trying it without the training wheels on.

    I think it's best you either go with or start with WordPress stand alone first and see if you can figure it out before taking on WPMU.

  6. mrjcleaver
    Posted 17 years ago #

    mjl: it's not user-software, it's server software for experienced administrators. To give you an idea of what we mean by this:

    There is very little documentation so you'll need to be prepared to spend time searching through the forums for answers; depending on which thread you read you may end up using one of many different solutions, so you'll need to be prepared to exercise your own judgement as to which you choose.

    Many of these solutions demand that you patch core PHP files, but as those core files evolve, budget time and find tools to support the roll-forward patching when a new zip file is released. Some people likely run WPMU off SVN head but there is no consolidated document stating how to run it from a "known stable" tag. Also, you should know that (as at least of last year) the code repository was not directly open for contribution so any patches you may come up with must be lodged into trac, from which a couple of people have commit access. It can be a while before patches are incorporated (in some cases 6 months+).

    The plugins are scattered across the internet, though there is a partial list on which is improving.

    Assuming you are a competent PHP programmer and systems administrator you should be okay.

    If the tasks above appear overly onerous then you should avoid WPMU, or hire someone to look after it for you.

    I hope that helps,

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