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General Interest - What do you use. (7 posts)

  1. gmax21
    Posted 16 years ago #

    A post of general interest I suppose.

    I've tested and experimented with various plugins and themes, hacks I've stayed away from for future compatibility reasons, should and when new versions are released.

    I'm a keen believe in simplicity and won't be offering my users every single theme available or every single plugin, well perhaps simplicity should also be lazy and logical at the same time, as I'm not wanting to spend hours and hours updating new plugins, or finding they become defunct later on, and having to code absolutely everything myself.

    So the question of general interest is.............

    What plugins do you use and why do you prefer them.

    I see a lot of people going for the BBPress forums, personally I don't like em a great deal, theres a lot of messing about or so it seems if you want to make them run with MU flawlessly, so my other options was WP-Forums from:

    I've tested it with my mu test site, and it seems to work pretty well, or should I say I've had no major issues just yet, not looked at the queries yet though.

    Shame it doesn't have pemalink/seo/sef url's, I personally like this feature.

    I was also considering using a photo album, but then thought, well why don't the users just create pages and upload photo's using the already existing internal features.

    The only other two plugins for users I've installed so far are bookmarking tools for social networks and a myspace/youtube/google video plugin which is also cool.

    Anyways I'm babbling as usual, so I'll stop there with the question again,....

    What plugins do you use, and why?

  2. ekusteve
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Thanks for the link to WP-forms. I'll be adding a support forum to my site (not a big fan of BBpress either) and was thinking about integrating phpBB, but this may be fact, it looks this may have been built from phpBB. I'll test it out later, but maybe you can answer a quick question if you have already done so...does WP-forums login use the mu login or does it require a separate login?

    I only use a couple regular plugins on my site as well. The Advanced WYSIWYG editor (with some additional buttons added) and the Audio users create mp3's as part of a graduate education technology class and this gives them an ability to easily upload them to their blog and use the embedded player.


  3. drmiketemp
    Posted 16 years ago #

    I don't remember discussion about using wp-forums as a site wide forums but I guess it would work if you just used it as a plugin on blog #1. It works fairly well although last time I checked, the designer had disappeared, it wasn't being developed anymore and it had some issues with wordpress in general. It threw out errors when turning it or other plugins on and off. The original install kicked out missing data errors. You had to jump thru hoops to get it running and have your endusers provide some technical knowhow. There was some other stuff as well but those were the biggies that came to mind. (Some of the themes had issues as well. Missing files, validation issues, cross browser, etc.)

    Although it had gotten a lot better than when it had first came out. Agree with the urls.

    Simple forum from was also mentioned although I haven't tried it. You have to make a could of changes it get it running but it's supposed to work fine and the developer is still current on it.

    bbpress pretty much works with mu out of the box with three lines changed in the config file. The only real change you have to make is if you want to share the theme. Since every theme is different, it may take some doing.

    dofollow was a biggie on my old site. the video and audio players weren't used much. I think I was the only one really using them.

  4. mysorehead
    Posted 16 years ago #

    remove-admin-dashbord (wahatever its called) as logging was taking too long,
    simple tagging (although its not working properly yet)

    and a bunch of my own...


  5. drmike
    Posted 16 years ago #

  6. drmiketemp
    Posted 16 years ago #


    Just for reference, we've had a couple of these threads now. You may want to look over them if you're looking for ideas:

  7. gmax21
    Posted 16 years ago #


    Only one log in, I don't believe it was phpbb, I just think the skins look lik em, but don't quote me on this as I haven't delved into full history.

    Dr Mike,

    Your right the developer had disappeared, his last post was in Jan saying he was just busy. Not sure about on going support for it. If he doesn't offer support and problems arise then the simple solution is I improve my coding skills further, which could be the push my lazy ass needs lol.

    With regards to installation, it went smoothly for me, added the plugin to norm plugins folder, activated it, put the small line of text <!-- WP-Forum --> into the page, added categories (known as groups), then forums and all is fine. Then tested it on a few test blogs I created and got my partner to also try on her own blog within the mu installation and still it seemed to work fine, no errors or visible problems.

    ohh one small glitch, the forum was showing last login date as 1970, but that only took a small edit to fix it.

    I have noticed issues with different themes, but I got around this by creating different forum skins, so the user could chose one that rendered well in their chosen theme, although still more work to do as I haven't tested all the themes I want yet, lol.

    Didn't come accross the yellow fish one, I'll take a peek at that one in a mo.

    Now with bbpress, it didn't work strait away for me, took some work, unless I was perhaps doing something wrong, also on their forums, as I want members to have their own forums, not one shared one:

    I just read your post:

    mmm I think I was going the wrong way about it, mmm more than likely my fault trying to do 20 things at once, lol, I'll take another look at it when I get a few moments, thanks for that.

    ahh dofollow, yeah I like that one, now I'll probably get told to search, but why does WP auto add nofollow to the meta's? and would it really be an issue just to change them in the general-template.php to make them follow? a lot of CMS now have a meta admin to add keywords, follow rules, etc, etc and/or dynamically pick info from submissions.

    I also notice some theme dev's stuck them in their themes.


    Wasn't overly keen on podpress, not sure why, if that makes any sense at all, lol.

    I did like the dash board too, that was cool.

    Now with tags I've not made my mind up yet, there are a few I like

    Thanks for the links Dr Mike, I'll check em out now.

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