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Need Help Altering Code (5 posts)

  1. henk
    Posted 18 years ago #

    I'm not a code expert, and worse have NIL experience with php, so I'm looking for some help as to where I can make some adjustments.
    I appreciate my needs are unique as that I'm trying to set up BLOGs as learning logs in a school - so need to remove certain admin features from students.

    Needs =
    (1) Remove the restriction to force different emails per blog
    (2) HardWire or be able to set intitial passwords

    I would appreciate someone telling me where abouts the code/function that performs the above is - I'm willing to experiment/play/hack and take it from there.

    Don't suppose there are any 'shortcuts' for setting up multiple users at once?

  2. Farms
    Posted 18 years ago #

    Yeh, I'm deliberately using an earlier version that doesn'trblock multiple emails, I'll email it to you if you want: james /at/ incsub .dot. org

    Am gonna have to upgrade at some time though so it'd be good to know how to hack this (kinda unneccessary!) bit of code out.

    Passwords are a funny one though... just out of interest why would ya wanna do that?

  3. Invizz
    Posted 18 years ago #

    James, dont try to upgrade. Last versions are ruined.

  4. henk
    Posted 18 years ago #

    Thanks for the offer for the earlier version, but at this stage I'll pursue trying to find a code hack.

    Reason for hardcoding [the first initial] password..
    I want the teacher to be ab le to set up each student with a BLOG. [hence one email] The BLOG will be a learning log, part of an electronic portfolio. I also want the teacher to be the 'admin', and not the student.
    Security isn't an issue for us - internal access only. We dealing with young students.
    We have a linux/WindowOS AD environment, with unified security [one logon access all]. Were dealing with young students, another password isn't a good idea. (Off course LDAP intergration would solve all <G>).

    I could knock up a bare basic, simple boring based BLOG, but Wordpress seems a *far* better solution if it can be 'twisted' to fit our needs..


  5. Farms
    Posted 18 years ago #

    Thnaks Invizz... that kind of info is pretty darn invaluable! In many ways I reckon we'd benefit by providing a semi-stable release 'cos we're making no friends with bust up code!

    Whaddya reckon? Do you have a candidate... I guess I do.

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