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Profile Pages for Community Site, Not Blogs (3 posts)

  1. WPITn2shape
    Posted 16 years ago #

    I'm trying to set up a site like, and it's going well except I can't get a profile page.

    It's not exactly like Chick Speak, and actually, I don't see a page where any of the "questionnaire" info I filled in is displayed.

    First of all, it's not just a blog site and it's not just a social site, it's going to be more plus photo galleries. Really a community site.

    Not everyone is going to publish blog entries, so using author.php isn't working. And I'd want the "author" from the URL removed, but I tried editing that in includes/rewrite.php and in a subdomain, /author/ still worked, but on the main install, a link to /base/myuserword/admin led to an error page.

    When I do use a page with author, but no post information, $curauth->nickname; (which I got from a WP doc) displays nothing. (That's all the code in there now, and it just displays the theme with "'s Profile".)

    I'd like a uniform URL structure for every user, a profile for non-bloggers, and no posts on this page.

    I've seen no information on this, somehow. I do have an extra fields profile plugin, but it doesn't come with a page to display the fields.

    Thanks so much for any help.

  2. WPITn2shape
    Posted 16 years ago #

    OK that little tag I put in doesn't work on my install or MU or whatever, so I put in just the_author.

    I had to put the profile info in the loop and use query_posts to only allow one "post" (doesn't show, I don't include that code) in the loop. I can get my info. Still doesn't help for non-blogging users, but perhaps there's a creative solution to this?

    Everyone I signup in the first stage of the site will HAVE to get their own subdomain, no just IDs so there might be some way to work with that and their default post, but as far as I can see they can always delete that. Any thoughts?

    Then there's the issue of the URL, removing "author". I'm going to look further. I'll appreciate your replies though!

  3. WPITn2shape
    Posted 16 years ago #

    I'm thinking I could use the original entry as a hello blurb on their home pages and give a warning about deleting it, since their will be further issues if they do, I mean -- no blurb, then.

    I won't go into details, but I think what I'm thinking of will work fine.

    Now still there's the URL thing..

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