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Plugin Wanted: Blog Watch Page (view blog posts and pages from specified users) (1 post)

  1. Xandria
    Posted 16 years ago #

    I did contact a small number of individuals from the "for hire" list, however, I thought I would also throw this out here to see if anyone not on that list might be interested in picking this up.



    Please review the following build plan and if you could provide an estimate of cost and time, I'd be ever so appreciative. Thank you.

    Outline of Blog Watch Page

    I want a global backend page that will allow users to create a list of their favorite blogs and keep track of the most recent posts to each blog by viewing them in a date ordered list. The watch page should be a submenu to the Dashboard.

    Users can only watch blogs hosted on the domain itself.

    Desired functionality:

    --Gets the permalink, title, author name, category, and up to 40 words of the content of each post.

    --Pulls new posts for the blog by accessing the database, not an RSS feed. (Note: needed because many of the blogs are Privacy Locked and their RSS feeds are disabled.)

    --Users can search for blogs by weblog title and/or blogID and easily add them.

    --Won't display "Hello World!" posts

    --User ability to remove the posts from the watch page if desired. Useful for users who don't want posts they've already read hanging around their page until the blog owner updates again.

    --User Level Customizations:

    *Can display a max of ten of the newest posts to their favorite blogs. 50 max on how many total posts can be displayed on the watch page, with an option for the users to lower this number -- next and previous links will be required to display multiple pages of the Blog Watch page.

    *Can choose how much or how little information to display of each post. (Whether they want the title, author, category, etc, or just a list of titles, is up to them.)

    *Users can choose to display new posts and/or new pages of watched blogs.

    *If possible, the ability to sort the posts by blog and then date. --

    Blog A:
    Post on 9/11
    Post on 9/2
    Blog B:
    Post on 9/11
    Post on 9/4
    Blog C:
    Post on 9/5

    OR sort all blog posts together by date. --

    Post on Blog B
    Post on Blog A
    Post on Blog C
    Post on Blog B
    Post on Blog A

    Desired Visual Layout:

    Main Watch Blog Page

    -Submenu to the Dashboard.

    -Top of the page contains links/buttons to "Manage Watched Blogs". This should in a separate page, so as not to clutter up the main watch page. (Possible: it can also go under the "Manage" top-level menu, but there must be a link to it on the Watch Blog page)

    -"Search For Blogs" search field. Will search the site for the entered blog name. Will display search results right below the search field and give users the option to add them.

    -A simple "Recent Posts" header. Underneath that, the sorting buttons and a "Remove All" button so the user can clear out all posts at once.

    -The posts themselves, each with a small "Read" button (or "Delete" icon) the user can click to remove that particular post.

    Manage Watched Blogs Page

    -Contains a list of the user's watched blogs, sorted by name.

    -Displays title of and link to the blog, and a check box.

    -"Remove Blogs" button at the bottom. Select the blog(s) of choice with the check box, and click the remove button to take them off your list.

    -"Watched By…" -- either a list of users that watch your blog, or a button that you can click to display a list of users that watch your blog.

    Other Lusted after Options/Features:

    The above are is the base of what we require for the Watch Blog page. The rest of this is wishful thinking on my part and not necessary. :-)

    -"Favorite Posts Widget" (aka "Recommended Reading"): users can tag posts by other users that they like and display a list of those posts in a sidebar for visitors to their blog to enjoy.

    Possible: users can also tag favorite comments and pages to be displayed in the widget.

    -"Advertise a Friend Widget" (aka "I like this person and so should you"): Pulls one person/blog from your friends/watch list and displays a) a link to their blog and b) a snippet of their most recent post. Can be set to get the blog you visit the most OR randomly update after a set period of time.


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