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Using Mu to Control Multiple Blogs on Separate Hosts (5 posts)

  1. DefensiveDancing
    Posted 16 years ago #

    I'm wondering if this cane be done, and if so then how. I want to basically use Mu to manage multiple (universal and individual)users on multiple blogs, each sitting on different domain and hosting account.

    Tks in advance.

  2. peiqinglong
    Posted 16 years ago #

    No it will not be possible because MU depends on having all the blogs in the MU database. There is a way to manage MU using multiple databases, but its not what you want.

  3. amasso
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Here ( I explain how to use one Wordpress MU installation to be used with two domain names. For example, & will access the same blog in the WP MU database.

    It's in spanish but you can use Google to translate it. It includes the PHP code so it's pretty straight forward.

  4. Bike
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Hi Amasso, how do you use your code, both the snippet in your post (where do you put it) as well as the linked .php file (where do you leave it)?

    Does it mean that & are both valid, or can people choose to sign up for one or the other?
    Also: can you use different themes/homepages for &

    Cheers, Bike (Bici :)

  5. amasso
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Hello Bike!

    In the file there's a PHP document with the files & functions you need to change.

    For example:

    /* INICIO wp-includes/category-template.php */

    $domain = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
    $domain2 = strpos($domain, 'domain2');

    function wp_list_categories($args = '') {


    if($domain2 > 0){
    $output = str_replace("domain1", "domain2", $output);

    echo apply_filters('list_cats', $output);


    /* FIN wp-includes/category-template.php */

    Means you need to edit file wp-includes/category-template.php & function wp_list_categories.

    With this code snippet, & are both valid. By making some changes to my code you could use different themes for &

    Best regards,


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