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Redirection not working with fresh install (8 posts)

  1. mikeboy3
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Greetings, I have done a search, and found a couple of these topics, but I don't have the level of expertise to understand some of the terms used, so I decided to create another topic.

    I just installed the latest version of WPmu, but every blog, entry or page is "not found on this server."
    a blog:

    I think it is a problem with the .htaccess file. I am using the one that came with the installation, actually, I did not edit any files, just ran the installer. There is a file called htaccess.dist in WPmu's root directory, when I rename it to .htaccess I get a "misconfiguration internal server error"

    Could this be cause by there being another .htacess file somewhere in a higher directory in the server?

    BTW, the server supports MySQL - 5.0.22 and Apache. During the installation, I manually created all tables, I mean, I installed it on another server, exported the SQL and ran the queries on this server. I am reinstalling (for the third time) to eliminate this as a possibility in the error.

  2. lunabyte
    Posted 16 years ago #

    "I did not edit any files, just ran the installer."

    Actually, that's exactly right. You don't edit a single thing as MU creates and edits those "usual WP files" for you.

    htaccess.dist is only a file that is used by MU to create your .htaccess file, as is the sample config file.

    Was your root directory (where you put all the files) able to be written to during the install procedure? Once it's installed, you can change it back.

    I would guess it was OK, at least in part, else it couldn't have written the DB information to the config file, and you'd have db errors all over the place.

    But, maybe the .htaccess file wasn't writable or something. Make sure you can view hidden files through FTP, and see if it exists. If you're lucky and have shell access, vi (or pico, or nano, etc) will work in a pinch to view the file as well.

    Another consideration would be to ensure that mod_rewrite is available to apache. If not, you'll get the same results and 404's all over the place.

    The easiest way to check is to see if the default "hello world" post is accessible. For the main blog, by default, it's something like --domain--/blog/uncategorized/hello-world/ (which is a rewritten url, so if that doesn't work, there's at least another piece).

    Another possibility would be that the server is set to ignore .htaccess files.

  3. mikeboy3
    Posted 16 years ago #

    nope, hello world is not accessible, I believe it is that the issue is in the directory setup, since it is ~/www/mydomain/ the htaccess should be on www, and that is not CHMOD to 777, so I think that is the problem, Im contacting my service provider to check. I should know by tomorrow (or Monday)

    How do I check if I can view hidden files via FTP?

    Thanks for your quick reply!

  4. lunabyte
    Posted 16 years ago #

    The htaccess file should be in the same directory as the rest of your files. For example, where the wp-include, wp-content, and wp-admin directories reside.

    The install will automatically create it. Well, it should. If it can't it should tell you it can't, and not let you install it until it can.

    That being the case, without having anything to go off of, likely options are either that mod_rewrite isn't available (turned on), or that htaccess files are not allowed.

  5. mikeboy3
    Posted 16 years ago #

    well, the issue is that during the installation, I am getting this error msg:
    "Quick fix:
    chmod 777 /usr/home/user/www "

    That is the reason why I had to do the mySQL manually, I believe that might have been the problem, but I will ask about the mod_rewrite.

    Thanks again lunabyte

  6. lunabyte
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Um, yeah.

    Empty your db, and try it again, with that dir at 777. You can move it back to 755 after you install it.

  7. mikeboy3
    Posted 16 years ago #

    now that we are on the topic, I saw on wpmudev that mediatemple's virtual dedicated servers support WPmu, is this true? do you know of anyone who uses mediatemple for a WPmu install? wouldn't want to shell out 500$ and find out it does not work

  8. lunabyte
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Any VDS should support MU.

    Their Grid Server is also MU compatible.

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