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Remotely control user creation/logins? (1 post)

  1. Megalion
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Ok I've been looking around the forums and playing with the code, trying to adapt wp-login.php and wp-signup.php to my purposes.

    I'm trying to integrate WPMU as a blog service to a site that already exists with a user database and all. I need all the existing users to be able to use WPMU as well as any new users but I don't want them to have to signup again ... or even login twice.

    How to do this?
    I thought perhaps like someone created a class to allow WPMU users to silently be logged into an embedded forums... the reverse could be done. I figured that I would look at what it took to accomplish the login process and see if I could make an external class (meaning part of the main site's framework) that would do this directly at the same time we logged them in ourselves. And similar for new users.

    However, I haven't found any indications in the forums that WPMU is adaptable in this manner. And when I try to create the "bridge" class, I get foiled by some weird error when wpmu's code tries to access the db.
    mysql_num_fields(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource - caused by line 272 of wp-db.php

    Has anyone been able to successfully implement external controls to the WPMU user creation and login process?

    While I haven't found users talking about doing this as I envisioned, I do see people who have integrated by taking their existing user tables and pushing it into wpmu's system.

    And if I were to resort to something like that, looks like I have to use plugins to allow us to keep the extra fields in the user table. Can someone confirm/clarify this too?

    THANKS!! Spent a week trying to do this on my own and no avail.

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