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Flickr Thumbnail Image Size (5 posts)

  1. Myga
    Posted 16 years ago #


    Im using flickr to run my photo-blog.
    What I want is to easy change thumbnails size, so it keep aspect correct aspect ratio.
    Eg: if i post a 3:2 picture 500x333 everything works fine.
    But if I want post a thumbnail witch is 2:3 it makes autmaticly 333x500 so the posted thumbnails has't got the same width.
    If I try to just change the size in the code, it stretches it so the quality goes bad.

    Is it possible to post a thumbnail witch would keep the coorect aspect ratio. I mean 2:3 but 500x750.

    Also is it possible to post thouse thumbnails (automaticly) so every picture would open in full size after single clicking it?

    So far I had to do it manulay. Enter the thumbnail from flickr. Copy link for fullsize img. Edit hyperlink of the thumbnail and replace it with coppied link.

    Is there any way to automate the porcess?


  2. sgrunt
    Posted 16 years ago #

    hi Myga. Surely the easiest way to embed flickr thumbnails in your site it is to use flickr badge. Embedding a flickr badge will automatically display the last or random thumbs of your account or set (or other accounts too) without writing code for each pic! you can find how to use flickr badge in the flickr faq: just a little piece of code to insert in your pages.

  3. Myga
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Thanks! I did checked it out bur this method is not siutable for me. I would like more to administrate all from wordpress as I did from the beggining. I was thinking more about flickr plugin customisation but I'm not a php scripter :(

    Hoped that someone had the same idea and issues here on forum.

    Does anyone knows any other way of solving this problem ?

  4. andrea_r
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Search the forum for the tantan flickr post bar plugin. I did a slight modification so it works in mu.

  5. Myga
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Thanks! That is what I have been looking for.

    Now I have another question. There is a field in configure page " Custom destination ($PHOTOID is Flickr's photo id) "

    How it should be written if I want it to open in full size after clikc? ( my user ID is: 16918568@N06 )

    Eg: full size img in new window:

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