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Changing Install From Subdomain to Root (1 post)

  1. reggordon
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Hello i have had a good search through the forum but sadly havent found anything about it although that could possibly be my lack of searching skills.

    I have WPMU installed on http://www.mysite/sites/ domain. I never realised how great WPMU was and how popular it was going to be so now i want to move the joomla install off my root and put my WPMU there on Obviously it will be ion the same server etc. could anyone assist me in trying to move this bugger? Ive got quite a few blogers who would lynch me if i told them we was having to start afresh. whilst i aint up on all this i know a man who might understand any tech things that needs to be done so if anyone knows if this is possible then i would love to know.


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  • Started 16 years ago by reggordon