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Mostcommented posts. How to order by comment_count only? (1 post)

  1. mvkozyrev
    Posted 16 years ago #

    I try to use STREATCOWPMU to display mostcommented posts of the day. It works, but order posts list firstly by post time creation. Because first SELECT-function get last_updated blogs -

    '$blogs = $wpdb->get_col("SELECT blog_id FROM $wpdb->blogs WHERE
    last_updated >= DATE_SUB(CURRENT_DATE(), INTERVAL 10 DAY)

    AND public = '1'
    AND archived = '0'
    AND mature = '0'
    AND spam = '0'
    AND deleted = '0'
    ORDER BY last_updated DESC");'

    there is order by post time creation.

    So, when I try -

    'FROM $blogPostsTable WHERE
    post_status = 'publish'
    AND post_type = 'post'
    AND comment_count > '0'
    ORDER BY comment_count DESC");'

    - result is that, as list firstly ordered by time and then by comment count. Is it possible to rewrite code to order posts list by comment count only?

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  • Started 16 years ago by mvkozyrev