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wpmu 1.3 & Multi-Site-Manager with same domain issue (3 posts)

  1. new-net
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Hello everyone, i've decided to migrate two wpmu installs to an unique one using multi-site.

    But doing this, i want to keep the old url structure i had:

    each language was a standalone wpmu install, i wish to regroup them around one unique install using multi-site.

    Here is my setup:

    Env: Apache2 / PHP5 / FBSD / wpmu 1.3 / multi-site-manager 004

    Main site :, has a ServerAlias of *, and of course a wildcard DNS Alias.
    wpmu is installed in subdomain mode for this "hub" site.

    Blog1 url : ; subdir mode

    Blog2 url : ; subdir mode

    BlogN url : ; subdir mode


    As you can see, my goal is to use the same domain all the way, adding the language, than the blogname to form subdirs urls

    So, in the Site admin section, i just create new sites with :

    Sitename : English blogs
    Domain :
    Path : /en
    Clone: All from

    Sitename : French blogs
    Domain :
    Path : /fr
    Clone: All from


    Problem :
    When i try to access one of the multi-site create blogs i get :

    No WPMU site defined on this host. If you are the owner of this site, please check Debugging WPMU for further assistance.

    Now, if i switch the Path to "/" for one of these sites, than, i can access the domain GUI, but, accessing the domain thrugh<lang>/ produces a 404..

    In the other hand, if i create a new site, directly using a path of "/", things seem to work fine ..

    The issue is that this would force me to use "<lang>" kind of urls .. thus breaking all my permalinks :/

    Any ideas ?

  2. new-net
    Posted 16 years ago #

    IT WORKS !
    -edit almost works .. see next post

    Actually, i found out why it didn't work:
    My conception of the setup regarding the filesystem was wrong.

    Mostly because i couldn't find any simple readme or install docs for the plugin .. and got fedup of old forum threads that google throws back.

    But, after the n'th search for a documentation on this plugin, i miraculously found this post that explains it all :

    Finaly here is how i made it work:

    Create a shell/user/whatever and it's homedir in :

    Create the main wpmu install docroot :
    mkdir -p /home/user/hub/docs

    Create an apache vhost with * ServerAlias

    Create the fake docroot that will be used by all<*> :
    mkdir -p /home/user/blogs/docs

    Create the matching vhost (no ServerAlias needed)

    Than, simply symblink your main wpmu install /home/user/hub/docs to the fake documentroot we just created /home/user/blogs/docs/<LANG> (in my case <LANG> = en, fr, de, etc .. but could be anything else):
    ln -s /home/user/hub/docs /home/user/blogs/docs/en
    ln -s /home/user/hub/docs /home/user/blogs/docs/fr

    Final step, when creating the site :

    Sitename: our english blogs
    Path: /en/
    Clone: (works whatever you select)

    Sitename: our french blogs
    Path: /fr/
    Clone: (works whatever you select)

    !! Beware, you must add a trailling "/" to Path, otherwise it won't work !!

  3. new-net
    Posted 16 years ago #


    It appears going to or leads to the same and only 1st created site (/en/ in my case) ..

    Also, in the admin section, i can only switch from "hub" to "english blogs" from the top selectbox .. clicking any other refreshes the site to the "english blogs"..

    Whatever 'virtual' site i add on the domain, i get redirected to the first 'virtual' site created ..

    Now why is this happening .. :?

    Anyone ?

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