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Modifying MU to allow multiple URLs for one blog (3 posts)

  1. ThomasH
    Posted 16 years ago #

    I have been asked to post this while I was in the process of trying to modify WPMU to work like this. As in having a wordpress MU setup where people can add additional domain names that point to their blog, for example, having both and point to the same blog.

    I had the idea of making a site alias table that stores the extra URLs for each blog and the ID number of the blog in the wp_blogs table.

    My thinking was that I could use this to get it to point these domain names to the correct blog by modifying whatever method it currently uses to make a blog like to the right place. then using the pre_option_siteurl and pre_option_home hooks as well as any others I need to use to make the blog then work correctly regardless of what URL is used.

    Is this idea I have the right way of doing this?

  2. JeremyVisser
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Even in normal WordPress, this is really not a great thing to do. Would you be happy with creating a redirect instead, and save yourself the pain?

  3. lunabyte
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Or searching for Domain Mapping here in the forums?

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