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I should have kept track of the hours (1 post)

  1. politicalbear
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Yes, I want to brag a little, because I am a complete noob and have pecked my way through. I have learned....and learned....and learned some more. Of course I still don't know anything, but I have a start.

    Finally, today I came to something that I couldn't solve, so I asked my first question. I kind of felt like I was stalking you all.... Andrea, Dr., Luna, Demonicume and a few others that I am forgetting. Reading your posts and links to others posts, and then doing it again, when I realized I didn't understand you the first time (or second time)

    Thank you Demonicume for all of your help.

    Additionally, if you know anybody that wants political blogs send them my way......I only five now. I need a few more until this all has been worth it.

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