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  1. DailyTestimony
    Posted 16 years ago #

    I know their are numerous threads on this topic, I have read some of them, but heres the thing, I was going into PhpMyAdmin to make a small change in my database when I noticed their were 200 tables, So I went to the site admin tab and listed the blogs.

    There are 21 blogs all with the same email domain, nothing has been posted to any of them but I can't help but thinking they might be splogs...but at the same time, do I want to delete them now and ban that domain before I find out if maybe they are all legit?

    Aside from that I also had an interesting idea, their are anti-comment-spam plugins like akisment or spam karma 2 (i personally use spam karma 2), but are their any for blog posts? It would be interesting to get a plugin that runs all new blog posts (or at least on newer blogs) though akismet then I can view all the caught spam in the site admin tab or something.

    EDIT: Well I'm delting those blogs and blocking that domain, seems others have had issues with spam from users with that email domain. I should have figured they were all created at the exact same second.

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  • Started 16 years ago by DailyTestimony