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"Upgrade Site" tab in Site Admin (3 posts)

  1. gr33nman
    Posted 16 years ago #

    These are things I'd like to see in the Upgrade Site sub-tab of the MU "Site Admin" tab.

    1. Tell me what version I'm currently at.
    2. Tell me what version is avialable.
    3. Give me the option of upgrading if the latest stable version is newer.
    4. Give me a link to the codex that tells me exactly how this upgrade system works.
    5. Give me the option of downgrading if something breaks outside of the admin.

  2. jackiedobson
    Posted 16 years ago #

    That's not the point of the page that you're looking at. The Upgrade Site page is for upgrading the databases of the individual blogs within your site. It's not the the general file system.

    1) Every page of your admin side has the version number in the footer.

    2) Found here. Donncha also blogs about it on his blog every time a new version is release. You can also follow trac via email and you should probably be on that list anyway since that's how most folks follow bug reports:

    3-5) Feel free to code it up and submit it to trac.

  3. gr33nman
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Thanks for the tip about the list. I'll subscribe.

    My wordpress mu shows only this in the footer:
    "Thank you for creating with WordPress MU | Documentation"
    I just downloaded the latest.tar.gz last week. I see no version in the footer.

    I'm not comfortable enough in MU to code admin stuff yet.
    However, if all it does is upgrade the client db's, there should be an explanation on the page of exactly what this page does, since it's not abundantly clear.

    On my upgrade page, all it says is: "You can upgrade all the blogs on your site through this page. It works by calling the upgrade script of each blog automatically. Hit the link below to upgrade."

    There is no mention of databases. Isn't it easy to assume they're talking about updating the version of wordpress? Shouldn't there be an explanation somewhere that you need to make a backup of your whole wordpress db just in case it messes up?

    I see there is a version updater plugin for single-blog Wordpress. Is there a version updater available for MU?

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