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what should the permissions be! (2 posts)

  1. duncanshannon
    Posted 19 years ago #

    I see lots of posts with people having same problem i am... "Warning! File Permission Problem!"

    Comments in the forum are telling people to fix the permisions... my question is:

    - what should the perms be for the files and directories? I'd love to set them to what the should be.. but what should the be?

    also, i see some pointers in the error message on what to fix, sorry but its not 100% clear if those are general pointers or specific things to fix and specific ways to fix it for my setup.


  2. strixy
    Posted 19 years ago #

    I can only speak for a linux server install

    I set the ownership (chown) to the web servers user, eg...

    chown -R www-data wpmu

    eg. the command line screen looks like this...

    strixy@fnpos:/var/www$ sudo chown -R www-data wpmu

    and set the permissions

    chmod -R 755 wpmu


    wpmu = your install directory (top)

    eg. /var/www/wpmu

    yoru server root being www
    and you are not intending to run this from your document root(eg., but rather a testing page (

    and where

    www-data = your webservers username (it's www-data on Debian, Ubuntu, etc. It's "apache" - I believe - on RedHat and "www" on Slack. I know I'm probably wrong on the last one. 75% sure on the Red Hat one)

    and assuming you have either used "su root" for root access or are prefacing the above commands with sudo

    eg. sudo chmod -R 755 wpmu (debain, etc) from /var/www

    eg. the command line screen looks like this...

    strixy@fnpos:/var/www$ sudo chmod -R 755 wpmu

    The '-R' is recursive, to include all files and folders beneath the target. (must be capitolized).

    the 755 sets it to read/write for the owner and read only for the group/other.

    You will have to adapt to your specific environment and needs, of course. YMMV


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