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Mark as spammers without blocking main blog? (1 post)

  1. Bike
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Hi, I just found out something really annoying. Some spam idiot registered with a typical email address ( or something). Likely he would return soon and create a splog, for now he was marked as being just a user, on the main blog.

    I marked him as spammer in the WPMU-admin backend and next thing, the entire main blog is unaccessible, including WPMU backend. Actually this makes some sense as blocking the blog of a user saves from having to do that manually, but it is less usable when that user is on the main blog.
    I had to go in to PHPmyAdmin to fix it: deleting the users from there did not help.

    For those who get the same problem, to fix it:
    Go to wp-blogs table, open blog ID 1, and reset the 'spam' from '1' to '0' and all was well.

    Of course this is very annoying, and though I won't do it again, is there another way to mark a main blog user as spammer?
    Or at least when they are connected to blog-id 1, that that blog is not automagically flagged as spam and unaccessible when spam-flagging a user?

    I can just delete the user and/or blog, but somehow when marked as spam, at least those addresses cannot be used again.

    Cheers Bike

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  • Started 16 years ago by Bike