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Errm, Add Category loads serialized site in pink? (2 posts)

  1. musnake
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Ah the challenge of trying to come up with keywords to describe (and therefore search for) an odd, but simple issue...

    This event manifests itself in other admin tasks...

    The one I have in front of me, and therefore the one I remember is this:

    WPMU 2.3.3 PHP 5.2.5 MySQL 5.0.45 Apache 1.3x
    Using subdomains, wildcard DNS enabled etc.

    Logged in as an admin on a subblog, adding a new category:

    When I hit the "Add Category" button, the page refreshes, the category is not added (and the add form is still populated with my data) and in a pink background-colored box/div, the serialized (think mobile device, one long narrow page) contents of the subblog's home page is displayed. I assume that some sort of error message was piped to the screen but something gets lost in translation. No server errors in the log.

    I read a few threads about hardened PHP modules and have a ticket in with my host. They don't like these sorts of questions!

    Anyone see the obvious?


  2. musnake
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Man, how did I fix this? I think it was a permissions issue with one of the ajax files. I had to open up permissions or something. Sorry!

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