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  1. mrarrow
    Posted 16 years ago #

    When a user clicks the 'Send to Editor' button to put an image into a post (or page) and they've selected 'Link to page' in the image Browse section, it adds the following additional code to the href tag in the content: rel="attachment wp-att-xx" (where 'xx' is a two-digit number).

    Unfortunately, when you come to re-edit that post/page, you can't save any changes you've made, and it just reverts back to the original content.

    I finally worked out that if I removed rel="attachment wp-att-xx" then it fixed the problem so future edits would save correctly.

    I don't understand what this code is doing as I can remove it and the images still display fine etc. Also it doesn't get added if you 'Link to file' instead.

    I know that WPMU now strips out a lot of HTML code from posts/pages ('security issue'?!?!?) and I wondered if this problem is to do with that (even though the code is being added by WPMU, not by me)!

    I've had WPMU running for some months now, so on the whole I guess everything is probably configured correctly. I'm running Wordpress MU 1.3.3 on a VPS (cPanel, Apache, PHP etc), MySQL 4.1.22 (standard)

  2. jamescollins
    Posted 16 years ago #

    Hi Mrarrow,

    This has already been reported and fixed (

    The fix should be included in WPMU 1.5 onwards.

    If you wish to manually integrate the fix into your WPMu installation, here are the changes:


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