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Comments don't work - 404 (2 posts)

  1. JanCux
    Posted 18 years ago #

    Hi there!

    I just installed WP MU today and it seem to be running quite fine out of the box. I'm using vhosts to differentiate my blogs. But:

    a) If someone goes on he get's a directory listing, then clicking on wpmu works fine. My .htaccess was created at installation but I think this is a isse here.

    b) Comments don't work properly (indeed not at all). Using standard theme I get an 404 error message and these lines in my error.log from apache:

    [client] script '/var/www/' not found or unable to stat
    [Tue Apr 11 11:51:16 2006] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/

    And indeed /var/www/ doesn't exist - why? Have I to create these?

    And at last, is there any way to moderate new user registrations? So that someone can register but needs a confirmation form me?

    Thans in advance!

  2. ergate
    Posted 18 years ago #

    htaccess problem, similarly affects images as well
    check this thread

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