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missing "Add Media" functionality (4 posts)

  1. musnake
    Posted 12 years ago #


    WPMu 2.6, both plugin directories renamed to disable...

    In Manage and Write modes, the "Add Media" functionality appears to be missing.

    I am aware of the 2.6 change mentioned by rfrovarp to jimgroom

    Yes, it is different. Check out wp-admin/includes/mu.php around line 661 where it removes the default media buttons and show only the one. Commenting out the add and remove will restore it to how WP works.

    Commenting out that line does not restore the old method for me.

    Now, in my recent plugin journeys I thought I came across this or similar issues but have not been able to find that URI again... Does this ring a bell with folks?

    This condition exists even when the visual editor is not used for editing.

    Thanks...back to the trawling.

    [EDIT:] Using FF BTW
    [EDIT:] Yikes. Found this in a similar thread: I'm trying to beat y'all to it!

    Works fine for me.
    Although, you know, I was really just saying to myself a few minutes ago, "you know, I'd just love to read yet ANOTHER repeated thread topic on the MU forums."
    Posted 2 months ago #
  2. musnake
    Posted 12 years ago #


    Ok, haha, you have to laugh...

    It helps not to be too myopic. This unicorn is plastered all over the WP forums -which I never go to because I'm loyal like that ;)

    Anyway, short term fix:
    wp-includes/general-template.php around line 241, I deleted the class="hide-if-no-js"

    if ( $media_buttons ) { ?>
    		<div id="media-buttons" class="hide-if-no-js">


    disabled Google Gears to get a fresh read of the files since it's all still in dev...

    Good times.
    Now, do I track down WTF or do I add this to "The List" and push on...

    Put the code back and it still "works"...

    Looks like a GGears/cached code issue for me

    Reboot pending...

  3. dsader
    Posted 12 years ago #

    from mu.php

    // add_action( 'media_buttons', 'mu_media_buttons' );
    // remove_action( 'media_buttons', 'media_buttons' );

    Instead, I use the following in an mu-plugin with an add_action to the admin_head

    remove_action( 'media_buttons', 'mu_media_buttons' );
    add_action( 'media_buttons', 'media_buttons' );
  4. musnake
    Posted 12 years ago #

    ...the plugin to minimise core code edits.


    The disabling of GGears worked for me. Trust me to set it to 11...

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