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  1. Design-Maker
    Posted 15 years ago #

    I can no English and have the text with a translation Toll.

    This time a small function wish list, perhaps in a further development of WP MU implement.

    Can code yes / no: It would be nice if there is a possibility there would be a certain blog code, for forms and Java scripts, can use and the other not. It is so similar to the themes.

    MU admin can Themes / plugins in Admin Edit: Here it would be nice if the MU Admin, the possibilities of the theme editor / editor plugin could use. How is the normal WP. Could you purchased the options for the settings of the blog and users.

    Standertmäßige plugin Zentralle: Here there is a plug for only it would be nice if this could Standertmäßig if you would be.

    Plugin overview for mu-plugin: Here it would be nice if the MU Admin would have the same advantages such as the Normal admin in the normal plug-ins. That is enable / Deaktieven, then the automatic updating and… the fine would be already a solution.

    The Regestrierung of new blogs with Security Code: here it would be nice to avoid of spam that exists standertmäßig a security would query. Again, there are plugins, unfortunately, not only in German.

    More plug-in German: This is a very big problem was still there. There is hardly MU plug-ins to the German.

    If I have something I would sign.

  2. illutic
    Posted 15 years ago #

    German isn't really my best language, but here goes ;)

    Jemand muss dan die Englische plugins translieren nach Deutsch. Wenn niemand dass macht (oder nicht öffentlich macht), dann gibt es auch kein Deutsche plugins für WordPress.

    Wenn Sie ein plugin wirklich nötig haben, dan können Sie vielliecht auch jemand fragen ob der dass für Sie willen tun. Dafur zahlen ist natürlich auch ein möglichkeit.

    WordPress ist opensource und dass meint - leider - auch dass niemand erpflichtet ist etwas zu translieren nach jedere gewünschte Sprache / um dass öffentlich an zu bieten.

    Ich hoffe dass mein Deutsch noch ein bisschen zu verstehen ist :)


    In short: WordPress is an opensource system, which means that no-one is obliged to translate it to every language.
    There is - however - ofcourse the option to ask if someone could translate it for you and if you really need it, you could also pay someone to do it.

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