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Finally got wildcards to work, but HELP (1 post)

  1. realsol
    Posted 15 years ago #

    OK. I now have wildcard subs with GoDaddy. I did have to get a static ip to accomplish it. But I can now type any subdomain into my address bar of my browser and it takes me to my domains's root. Wheew. Now the next hurtle.

    Because of the original problem, I installed the sub'directory' option. I ended up putting in a directory off the root called /wpmu. Now I want to switch to subdomains and drop it into my root.

    The good news. The 5 blogs I setup are really 'sites' using the multi-site manager. Since each is it's own domain, moving MU should only effect my blog #1 which is domain Before I move it, I should be able to Edit that blog stripping out the path and leaving '/' and everything should work. At least in my mind anyhow. Right?????

    If so, the only other problem would be to now setup MU to create any new 'blogs' (no sites) using the subdomain install, but without having to re-install. I see where I will have to change VHOSTS=YES but I did that and still prompt for subdirectory blogs.

    Since only my 1st blog will be effected by the move (again in my mind), is there an easy way to tell MU to start using subdomains rather than subdirectories?


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  • Started 15 years ago by realsol