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not quite wp or wpmu (1 post)

  1. ed_td
    Posted 16 years ago #

    i think i need something thats right in between wp and wpmu.

    i dont need to allow users to signup to create their own blogs. there will be less than 10 authors. and i really would like to just use multiple installations of regular wp if i can, but...

    i want to allow authors from one blog to have user accounts (for posting comments) on all the other authors blogs. thats not such a big deal since i could just set it up once, but i want new users who sign up to be able to post comments to all the blogs on the site without having to sign up on each authors site separately.

    do you think it would be easier to hack multiple versions of regular wordpress to do this, or am i better off installing wpmu and just removing what i dont want?

    does wpmu even have this feature? i noticed that there is a shared user table, but dont know if thats what im looking for.

    or is it possible i would just be better of switching from wordpress? i really hope not - wordpress is my favourite.

    thanks for any help/suggestions

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  • Started 16 years ago by ed_td