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AHP Recent Posts v0.6 beta (2 posts)

  1. azizpoonawalla
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Hello everyone,

    I have made substantial changes to the AHP Recent Posts plugin and I was hoping to get some assistance from you all in giving it a shakedown before I release the update. The main change is to simplify and consolidate all the display options into one parameter, a bitmask. There are now 256 different possible output options (8 bits in the bitmask), but the function call has actually been simplified to only two required arguments (number of posts and number of days). If any of you would be interested in looking over the code and giving it a whirl, I'd really appreciate it. The code is here at pastebin:

    and any feedback, suggestions, or feature requests are also welcome.

    (also, if you like this plugin, please consider voting for it in the official WPMU Plugin Competition!)

  2. azizpoonawalla
    Posted 15 years ago #

    version 0.6 is now official - I've drastically simplified the function call and really cleaned up the option bitmask - its a true bitmask, actually, and the way I have implemented it is very straightforward for copying in other plugins. I think bitmasks are really powerful and flexible for this sort of thing and i hope that others adopt them as well.

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