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Brainteaser: Visual tab broken for only one blog just because of its name? (1 post)

  1. rcwatson
    Posted 15 years ago #

    This one is a head-scratcher for sure. I'm on WPMU 2.6.2.

    1. I created blog called
    2. I went into the Admin tool and clicked Write > Post
    3. The Visual tab is showing what should be on the HTML tab.
    4. Can't click to the HTML tab at all.
    5. Checked that "Visual Editor" option in "Users" is checked.
    6. All other blogs, even newer ones, show TinyMCE just fine. Just this one is messed up, and for all users of it.

    Here's the weird part...

    1. Deleted
    2. Re-created the blog, this time named as (the "foo" part still being part of the name is by design and therefore possibly significant)
    3. Same problem as above. No TinyMCE and only the Visual tab displays (and shows what should be on HTML tab, which isn't clickable at all). Blogs created before and after this one do not have this problem.

    So, here's what I tried next. I renamed the blog, AND its sub-sub domain "foobaz" to "flop". Everything worked just fine. Except, I don't want it to be named "flop". I want it to be named "foobaz"

    Then I remembered that I had banned the name "foo" in the Site Admin > Options. But I only banned "foo", not "foobaz" or "foobar". So, I figure that "baz" might work, or even "bar". Wrong. Even "baz" and "bar" are causing this problem. I then unbanned "foo", but the same problem exists.

    So it seems I can name the blog "flop" or "fritter" or anything except something with "foo" and/or "bar" and/or "baz" in it.

    To add further insult to injury, I then tried changing it to a bunch of bar/baz variants, completely leaving out "foo". Same problem.

    Then I thought, aw heck, I'll just change it back to "fritter" or "fiddlesticks" or something completely different. For some of those it worked, but for others it didn't.

    Now I have a completely arbitrary bug going on and can't nail down any pattern. What gives? Where do I look next?

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